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Présentation de l'entreprise DENDROLIGHT

To meet the increasing demand for strong, stable and light-weight panel material, DendroLight® Nederland has introduced the Dendrolight® concept. It is a unique concept combining ecologic, economic and social aspects, for both present and future generations. Finding equal balance among those three primary concepts, is the basis of sustainable development. Dendrolight® plywood is the solution to the demand for ecologically safe production methods.

A lot of research has been done into the production of low-density plywood (about 270 kg/m3) combining the strengths and the technical properties of solid wood panel material.

Dendrolight® combines these properties. Dendrolight® is now exclusively available in the Netherlands!

Dendrolight® innovative middle layer with its unique laminated structure is manufactured from FSC certified wood (CO2 neutrally produced), using high-tech production methods. Dendrolight® plywoods are available with a great variety of top layers.

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